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To L And Back: An L Word Podcast

Sep 27, 2021

So is this is how season 2 implodes - not with a bang, but with a deeply confusing whimper? Welcome to this week's episode of To L and Back where, honestly, we have some notes! We spend quite a bit of time talking about the writing of this episode of Gen Q, rather than the actual events that transpire, which as Riese says is....not always a great sign. 
But among the needless conflicts (Dani thinking Bette would want to see the Nunez name on the CAC, and gambling Pippa's show for leverage), the baffling conversations (Micah telling Claudia he has feeling for someone else to her FACE), and the upsetting events (Sophie and Finley's whole deal), there were still some treats! Micah's jawline, for one, and Gigi's tongue, for two. Throw in a sex scene backlit by the soft neon lights of the Las Vegas strip and you still have a tough episode -- but one that had a sex scene backlit by the soft neon lights of the Las Vegas strip. 
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