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To L And Back: An L Word Podcast

Oct 4, 2021

Much like Pippa Pascal on this here TV program, the hosts of To L and Back have some trust issues! We've gone from epic highs (the karaoke episode) to some extreme lows, and so despite our best efforts and despite the number of shindigs in this episode, it's a little hard to relax into this installment of our much beloved television series. Because yes, while it's firmly homecoming season in the real world, in The L Word it's prom night! Angie is wearing a suit and grappling with her feelings about not getting the chance to meet her donor. The adults gather at Bette's to drink, gossip, and make-out in inappropriate places! Meanwhile, Sophie tries to search for Finley by making phone calls to various law enforcement agencies while also fighting with her family because we only have one episode left so you know things gotta get capital-S Serious...
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