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To L And Back: An L Word Podcast

Sep 20, 2021

It's another beautiful week in Los Angeles and you know what that means! Another big poker game, because that's what lesbians do for fun here! This particular game is a fundraiser for MS that Tess and Shane seem to have organized in one calendar day, but logistics like that won't stop this from being the new social event of the season! Until, of course, next week when it will be replaced by the launch party for Alice's book.
But for now, we've got Alice and Nat hooking up (again) then breaking up (again), Sophie and Finley having sex on set (again), and Bette being mean to Carrie (again, but worse this time!) Honestly, a lot of events transpire in this episode that we didn't love, including drunk driving! But in more wholesome news, Jordi asks Angie to prom while dancing in a fountain and SO MANY people kiss in the rain that we have to consider whether they WANT their hair to get frizzy.

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